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Gluten Free Vegetarian Locally Grown


Cold Appetizers

      Asparagus and Tomato Crostini
A combination of both toasted French baguette topped with grilled asparagus, olive oil and gorgonzola spread & toasted French baguette topped with roma tomatoes, basil, red onion and boursin spread.
  Bleu Cheese and Walnut Stuffed Endive
Bleu cheese whipped with cream cheese and chives piped inside a tender endive leaf topped with walnut.
        BLT Crostini
Toasted French baguette topped with arugula, pancetta and tomato relish.
  Brie Stuffed Strawberries
Strawberry halves filled with whipped brie and topped with a balsamic vinegar reduction.
      Citrus Shrimp Ceviche
Latin American ceviche served in a mini blue corn cup topped with a single popped corn rosette.
    Coconut Curry Chicken Salad Phyllo Cups
Curry grilled chicken combined with currants, coconut milk and celery; served in a flaky phyllo cup topped with toasted coconut.
  Deviled Eggs
Prepared in the classic fashion with egg yolk, mustard, mayonnaise, seasoning, red pepper, fresh parsley and black olives.
    Drunken Pear Crostini
Toasted French baguette topped with brandy poached Anjou pear, arugula and herbed goat cheese.
      Country Villa
Artisan cheeses, olives, figs, artisan bread assortment and jams.
Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadew
Mildly spicy cherry pepper stuffed with goat cheese and marinated in olive oil.
  Insalata Caprese Skewers
Marinated fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes and fresh basil drizzled with balsamic reduction.
Mascarpone Stuffed Fresno Peppers
Fresh roasted Fresno peppers stuffed with mascarpone, goat and white cheddar cheese, Italian parsley, rosemary and chives; drizzled with strawberry reduction.
      Mediterranean Crostini
Grilled Italian bread topped with basil aioli, Mediterranean salsa and baby artichoke
      Mini Club Croissant Sandwiches
Black Forest ham, smoked turkey, bacon, Jarlsberg cheese, lettuce and tomato served on a mini butter croissant. Mayonnaise and spicy mustard are served on the side.
      Muffalata Bites
Rustic roll stacked with pepperoni, salami, capicola, black forest ham, provolone cheese with house made tapanade made from giardiniera peppers, green olive, black olive and olive oil.
      Orange Cranberry D'lites
Petite orange muffin split and filled with smoked turkey, daikon sprouts and our house-made cranberry and pecan cream cheese
        Poppy Tuna Bite
Lotus root crostini topped with avocado spread, pan seared poppy seed encrusted ahi tuna and seaweed salad.
    Proscuitto & Grilled Asparagus
Tender grilled asparagus wrapped with thinly sliced Proscuitto di Serrano served with lemon pepper aioli

Proscuitto and Melon
Fresh cantaloupe and honeydew wrapped with thinly sliced Proscuitto di Serrano served with a balsamic reduction on the side.

        Salmon Slider
Fresh salmon combined with shaved fennel, leeks, shallots and lemon compote served on brioche bun
Fresh sushi available, ask your event specialist to assist you with the variety available. Please speak to your specialist about vegetarian options.
        Takoshimi Tacos
Peppered seared Ahi tuna with napa cabbage and piquant Chinese salsa in a deep fried wonton taco shell.
    Thai Chicken Bites
Ground fresh chicken breast blended with ginger, green onion, sweet chili and Asian seasonings formed into a bite sized meatball, wrapped in thin cucumber slice and served with spicy peanut sauce.
      Vietnamese Spring Rolls
A combination of shrimp, shitake mushrooms, garlic, cucumber and three bean doodles wrapped in delicate rice paper and served with sesame soy sauce.
    Vogue Crudités Station
Fresh jicama, celery, cucumber, asparagus, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, radishes, grissini breadsticks, pita crisps served with roasted garlic hummus, spinach dip, lemon dill dip, presented vases of various sizes and shapes; surrounded by fresh wheatgrass.

Hot Appetizers

      Ancho Chili Cherry Pork Tenderloin with Tropical Nectar
Pork tenderloin rubbed with ancho chili cherry rub served on a plantain chip with tropical nectar.
      Apricot Brie Kisses
Puff pastry filled with apricot marmalade and French brie.
      Baby Twice Bakes
Baby red potatoes filled with a mixture of butter whipped potatoes, ricotta cheese, sour cream and colby cheese
        Basil Chipotle Shrimp
Basil chipotle sautéed shrimp served on a fried wonton with mango salsa and sweet key lime aioli
      Bocca Bites
Bite size Red Bird Farms chicken cutlets filled with fresh sage, proscuitto and mozzarella cheese.
        Cocktail Meatballs
Tony's homemade meatballs; your choice of Swedish, Italian or Sweet and Sour.
      Coconut Chicken Skewers
Red Bird Farms chicken breast coated with sweet coconut and browned until crispy; served with orange horseradish marmalade.
      Coconut Shrimp Skewers
Large shrimp coated with Japanese panko and coconut skewered and fried. Served with pineapple chutney.
    Crisp Goat Cheese
Haystack goat cheese combined with lavendar honey and pumpkin seed oil. Topped with toasted pepitas.
      Drunken Dates
Sweet medjool dates filled with goat cheese wrapped in proscuitto.
      Fontina Risotta Cakes
Crispy saffron risotto cakes with roasted red peppers, creamy fontina and broccoli
      French Fry Cones
Crispy fries sprinkled with sea salt and passed in paper cone
      French Fry Cones with Parmesan
Crispy fries sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan and seas salt and passed in a paper cone.
      Fusion Shrimp Flatbread
Toasted flat bread topped with spiced sautéed shrimp, tomatoes, kalamata olives, goat cheese and scallions.
      Fusion Sicilian Flatbread
Toasted flat bread layered with grilled tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh herbs.
    Fusion Vegetarian Flatbread
Toasted flat bread layered tomatoes, kalamata olives, scallions and goat cheese.
        Grilled Cuban Panini Triangles
Shredded Latin pork with Boars Head black forest ham, Swiss cheese and dill pickle dressed with a little mustard and mayonnaise.
    Grilled Pear & Gruyere Panini Triangles
Local honey infused into seasonal pears and melted with imported gruyere cheese.
        Grilled Fontina and Short Rib Triangles
Grilled sourdough bread that has been filled with Fontina cheese, pulled short rib meat and pickled red onion.
        Hot Dog Minis
All beef Vienna mini dogs served on matching bun served with a dollup of yellow mustard, ketchup and relish.
      Hunan Mini Beef Twist
Delicately grilled skewered flank steak accented with cucumber salsa.
    Lamb Skewers
Colorado lamb marinated with fresh rosemary, garlic and lemon zest; served with a red pepper jam.
        Lobster Quesadillas
Flour tortillas filled with lobster, cheese, peppers and herbs; served with a salsa of fresh pineapple, papaya and mangos.
        Lobster Mac & Cheese
Lobster combine with macaroni with a creamy cheese sauce to include three cheeses…romano, sharp cheddar and gruyere; baked with toasted butter crumb topping.
      Mac & Cheese Bites
House made hearty macaroni & cheese bites that have been breaded, fried and served on a mini wooden fork; served with warm marinara sauce.
      Manchego Cheese Triangles
Crisp flour tortilla topped with Manchego cheese and quince marmalade with fresh chives.
    Mini Tamales
Mini vegetarian tamale drizzled with chili oil, citrus mojo and cilantro oil; garnished with multi-colored bell pepper confetti; served in it's own bamboo boat with mini spoon.
        Petite Crab Cakes
Lump crab meat, red bell pepper, jalapeno, lemon and fresh herbs cooked crisp in panko breadcrumbs and served with remoulade sauce.
      Rocky Mountain White Wings
Red Bird Farms natural chicken cutlets filled with pepper jack cheese and jalepeno pepper that has been wrapped in bacon and deep fried; served with a creamy southwest dipping sauce.
        Shepards Pie Appetizers
Baked in a flaky mini pie shell with seasoned ground beef, Colby jack cheese and creamy mashed potatoes.
        Spicy Beef Empanadas
Puff pastry filled with seasoned ground beef, onions and seasoning; served with a creamy Southwestern salsa.
        Sliders - Italian Meatball
A Tony's meatball formed into a patty topped with Tony's own marinara on a brioche bun.
        Sliders – Kobe Beef
Hand formed Kobe beef burgers on a petite brioche bun with caramelized Vidalia onions, cornichon pickles, aged white cheddar, sweet tomato relish and stone ground mustard.
      Sliders – Buffalo
Hand formed Colorado buffalo on a petite brioche bun with caremelized Vidalia onions, cornichon pickles, aged white cheddar, sweet tomato relish, ground mustard
        Sliders – Beef
Hand formed extra lean aged beef burgers on a petite brioche bun with caramelized Vidalia onions, cornichon pickles, aged white cheddar, sweet tomato relish and stone ground mustard.
      Sliders – Buffalo Chicken
Hand formed lean ground chicken combined with hot wing sauce, minced celery and panko bread crumbs and served on a brioche bun with bleu cheese and a dollup of hot wing sauce.
        Stuffed Italian Mushrooms
Stuffed with sweet Italian sausage, sundried tomatoes and heavy cream with bread crumbs and Italian herbs.
      Stuffed Florentine Mushrooms
Large mushroom caps stuffed with spinach, onions and fresh thyme and topped with fresh Reggiano Parmesan cheese.
        Tenderloin Wellington Bites
Puff pastry filled with aged beef tenderloin and mushroom duxelle; served with a creamy horseradish sauce.
Phyllo pocket filled with feta, parmesan cheese and fresh mint; served with tzatziki sauce.
    Tostada Bites – Chicken
Bite sized corn tortilla with chipotle con costillas seasoned grilled chicken, corn and avocado relish topped with fresh chive.
      Tostada Bites – Shrimp
Bite sized corn tortilla with chipotle con costillas seasoned grilled shrimp, corn and avocado relish, citrus crema and chive snip garnish
    Tostada Bites – Vegetarian
Bite sized corn tortilla with black bean mash, corn relish, pepper jack cheese and roasted red pepper crema.
      Veggie Quesadillas
Flour tortillas filled with colby cheese, spinach, corn and festive peppers; served with salsa.
      Wild Mushroom Risotto Bites
Saffron risotto with wild mushrooms, smoked mozzarella and chive oil

Our chefs take great pride in the creation and presentation of our appetizers. A combination of artistry and deliciousness, these tasty treats will delight your guests and have them craving for more! Our selection ranges from simple to elegant depending on the event being catered. Ask one of our Event Specialists for assistance in choosing the right combination of appetizers to suit your needs. In order to best serve you, please call 303-662-9353 with as much advance notice as possible.

All appetizers are a minimum of 50 pieces.